Weddings your way.
It's your wedding so have your wedding done your way.
Choosing the right wedding officiant is one of the most important decisions you’ll make during the wedding planning process, because the way your ceremony feels will be something you and your families will remember forever.  Our wedding officiants work closely with each couple to create a fully customized ceremony that celebrates their unique relationship.
Our team of friendly, professional non-denominational ministers perform religious and secular wedding ceremonies and will create a memorable, heartfelt experience for you and your wedding guests.  Our wedding planning staff will work with you to create the perfect stress free day.
We offer wedding and event planning services to allow you to sit back and relax.  We will handle all of the decorations, scheduling of venues, and coordination of the event.

If you have your venue and planner already lined up, we will work with them to make sure your event is what you dreamed it would be.
Rental equipment is available to make your ceremony or reception beautiful.

Our services

As your wedding officiant we will provide

1.) We will meet with the bride and groom, if requested, to go over and discuss their individual wedding plans.

2.) We can add inclusions such as family, children, and lost loved ones ect.

3.) We can perform a wedding rehearsal and assist in choreographing your wedding, if requested.

4.) We can arrive as early as needed to assist with any last minute changes or arrangements. 

5.) And after your ceremony I will file all legal documintation.Our Services
Weddings of all types 
Commitment ceremony
Vow Renewal